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It’s unlikely anyone will stumble upon the pages within this little blog after so many years of them collecting dust.  While I have long since traveled beyond the confines of the Christian tradition, it’s hard to actually pull down these old posts because I think they are more progressive than much of the conversation that occurs in North American Christian circles these days.

Additionally they were written in the context of a devout Christian walk at the time; even if my walk has since carried me many miles beyond the lands of institutionalized religion.  I think they have value, even if they are a snapshot of a personal faith that doesn’t exist in that form anymore.

I am an apostate of the Christian faith.  But I don’t believe there is anything wrong with being Christian.  If practicing and growing in Christianity is a blessing in your life, excellent.  I hope you are, in turn, a blessing to those around you. Perhaps some of this writing can still be of some use to someone seeking.


I just thought I’d take the time to say I’m not posting much these days 🙂 No surprise, huh? All my leisure time has been spent playing Oblivion lately. Not sure why that’s so enjoyable. But I thought I should at least say I’m still alive, checking comments occasionally and interested in keeping in touch with you guys. (more…)

Finally! After six weeks of studying and preparing, I have been offered and accepted the position of protection engineer at my company! This is really exciting! As I’ve said before it will mean more self-study and homework, but ultimately this position will be very interesting and engaging.

Thank you everyone for your support in all of this! It’s been a crazy six weeks; now it’s time to start a crazy (but hopefully fun) six months. Peace out – enjoy those video games, folks. You know I will!  Oh and speaking of which, Al found something that makes me just wish I had two grand to throw away. This is probably one of the greatest entertainment devices ever created. If I had one that’s how I would be celebrating tonight!

I’ve been absent from the blog circle to say the least, but there is a reason. Sorry I haven’t replied to your comments in a timely manner, I’ve been busy! I’ve been reading all my friends postings, though I haven’t commented much. Time constraints are just that. For anyone who cares to know what occupies my time recently, read on. (more…)

Actually, don’t take that as egotism. I just miss doing the Fark thing. Anyway… It’s crazy.  I’ve been gone for so long, now I’ve got three updates in two days!  And one of them is the biggest chunk of writing I have ever put together on this site. Almost five years ago I went on a short term work assignment in York, England. The trip was, without a doubt, the most painful thing that ever happened to me. But misfortune, in hindsight, can be very funny. So no reason to let all that suffering go to waste!

So check it out here! Like I said it’s long. You may want to take a couple sittings to read the whole thing. Like the rest of the site, it’s not going anywhere. Even if I forget to check it very often.

Sorry, guys, it’s been a looong time. A lot of life has happened lately so I have been neglecting the site. But things are possibly in a state of change. So maybe there will be new material surfacing more regularly. Something huge for the blog is coming soon, especially for Al, but everyone should get a kick out of it! It’ll take maybe another three or so day to polish before posting, but it’ll be worth the wait. (more…)

A good question. For all 0.7 people that occasionally check this, I’ll let you know. In the leisure category I just got a PS3. Holy crap. Amazing! That’s the main reason. Next is work-wise.  Today I just commissioned and activated a new distribution voltage automation project (I work for the power company). This project first went in to conception almost two years ago and hardcore work started on it last November.  For a good 18 months I’ve actively worked on it and the past three months have been absolutely crazy.

But it’s done. As of today at about noon. It’s kind of weird being the main person behind a project that actually affects the voltage in peoples’ walls. It’s even stranger that the work I have done just may become a company-wide initiative (we have over 400,000 customers). Screwball me responsible for something like that… weird. I’m really excited to see all of my hard work actually manifesting in the real world!  But no one is THAT interested in it. I feel like celebrating, but there’s no one really interested to celebrate with.

If anyone is curious to hear more about either of these things, let me know. I just might make a real post again! Maybe with some cool pictures…

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