Sorry, guys, it’s been a looong time. A lot of life has happened lately so I have been neglecting the site. But things are possibly in a state of change. So maybe there will be new material surfacing more regularly. Something huge for the blog is coming soon, especially for Al, but everyone should get a kick out of it! It’ll take maybe another three or so day to polish before posting, but it’ll be worth the wait.

The title of the post is somewhat literal. My house nearly burned down! Well not really, but there was a range fire that came to within one mile of my house! It was called McFarland Creek fire. Only 400 acres; the fire crews were really on the ball, which I’m thankful for.

The pictures didn’t come out too well because the window glass messed with the autofocus. The first is better, you can see the blackened hill in the background to the left and some flames starting to crest the hill to the right of the picture.


The second one is blurry but you can see the flames crested the hill and a fire plane flew in to dump retardant to halt the fire progress.


That made for an interesting afternoon show!

In other news this summer our one camping trip was into Goat Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains…


…our 10th anniversary was spent in Lincoln City, OR…
oregon-coast1_sm.jpg oregon-coast2_sm.jpg oregon-coast4_sm.jpg

… and Labor Day weekend was spend at a family reunion sort of near Edmonton, Alberta (specifically by Fort Assiniboine – what great names rural Canadian towns have! That sounds like something Cornholio would name a town). Some of us threw rocks in the creek and other threw horseshoes in a game watched by a psychotic cat that treed itself.

alberta-creek_sm.jpg cat_sm.jpg

In still yet other news, since my martial arts class has been on hold for all summer I found my way into something new: Capoeira! Here’s the site for my school. If any of you Boise denizens are looking for a fun way to get in shape, this is probably hard to beat!

Good times all! Stay in touch and check back later this week for a great story!