It’s unlikely anyone will stumble upon the pages within this little blog after so many years of them collecting dust.  While I have long since traveled beyond the confines of the Christian tradition, it’s hard to actually pull down these old posts because I think they are more progressive than much of the conversation that occurs in North American Christian circles these days.

Additionally they were written in the context of a devout Christian walk at the time; even if my walk has since carried me many miles beyond the lands of institutionalized religion.  I think they have value, even if they are a snapshot of a personal faith that doesn’t exist in that form anymore.

I am an apostate of the Christian faith.  But I don’t believe there is anything wrong with being Christian.  If practicing and growing in Christianity is a blessing in your life, excellent.  I hope you are, in turn, a blessing to those around you. Perhaps some of this writing can still be of some use to someone seeking.


I’ve just finished reading Rob Bell‘s new book, “Love Wins“. I hadn’t really seriously considered posting to this blog much anymore. But Bell has received a lot of negative press with his book, so I felt compelled to write something in support of it.

All in all, I have to say I really enjoyed the book (in spite of the usual “Bell” issues, more on that in the review), and I would highly recommend it, though not without a disclaimer or two. It’s certainly not perfect.  But very much worth picking up.  To read my review, click here.

On November 7, 2006, Idahoans will vote on HJR 2 and thereby decide whether to join the 18 other states that have banned gay marriage by amending their states’ constitutions. I will vote against such an amendment, because I am a Christian.

Does this make sense to you? If it does, we have something in common. If it doesn’t, doesn’t that make you marvel at just how different our perceptions of our own faith can differ? (more…)

Since I’m still in the process of moving I don’t have time for much commentary, but here is some interesting reading for some of you (I hope).

First, in response to comments about the dark matter observation I linked to here, I realize some people may not be that familiar with the implications of cosmology.  For the curious I offer this excellent synopsis of the Big Bang.  Once you read through that you’ll get an idea of what dark matter is and why it was first postulated.  I also recommend reading the Big Band synopsis because it will address a lot of common misconceptions (several of which I held). (more…)

This blog constantly deals with challenges to what may be described as “Modern Western Institutionalized Protestant Evangelical Christianity”.  I listed some helpful books on this subject here.

So what’s the point of all this?  Why am I doing this?  Motivations are critical so I’d like to be plain about mine.  For a long time I did not fit in with the ‘church’ I described above, though I attended one all my life.  I never understood the point to going to church.  All I could see was the hypocrisy most ‘Christians’ lived in.  All I could see was church seemed a live version of watching TV;  I went, I sat down, I listened, I thought “That was nice” and I left. (more…)

I was going to post about something more philosophical or faith related. But, since my last science post was such a roaring success, (it garnered the first visit here by someone who didn’t know me, Jarrn) let’s do it one more time! I wanted to share with people a little bit about scientific investigation. This is probably just for the Christians reading this blog that want to know why I think what I think for scientific reasons. If a Christian is going to disagree with me on natural history for theological reasons, they are free to. They are not likely interested in science, or do not yet understand it. A non-christian will likely read this as a “No Duh” rant. So nothing there.But if a Christian disagrees with my endorsement of mainstream science (biology, geology, cosmology, etc.) for scientific reasons, this is for you! If you’re not here for that, I can’t guarantee you’ll get much out of this. Let get this party started… (more…)

My third science post must deal with something that drives me nuts. The unnecessary conflict between science and Christianity. So, one of the first things I will do on this blog is show people a link to one organization that is doing their part to resolve this.

I’m weary of materialists (or, perhaps, naturalist) stating that no intelligent person should believe in God. But I’m much more tired of fundamentalist Christians taking up a crusade against science. I think more people from the non-denominational evangelical Christian community need to join with the Roman Catholic church and the Anglican/Episcopal church and show support for all fields of science. We need to join them in acknowledging there is no real conflict between studying and teaching science (biological evolution, abiogenesis, the “Big Bang Theory” and cosmology) and being a Christian. A conflict only exists is if one holds to certain doctrinal views on the Bible. (more…)

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