July 2008

So much for posting a timely update!  A combination of my PS2 port blowing up on my PC, preparing for some intense stuff at work and working on music with my sister-in-law has kept me exceedingly busy!

But for the first time in a long time I have a couple hours of freedom.  So here’s a quick update.  The Flobots? Awesome!  If you every have a chance to see them, do so.  Great talent, great messages and they are a ton of fun.  I’ll now tuck my original post behind the fold. (more…)


The dust has REALLY been collecting lately. But the gears never stop turning. As soon as the weather turned warm, the XBox was turned off and I’ve been reading. And thinking. I’m not looking to write anything profound. But this has increasingly dawned on me: understanding what people believe and why they believe it is probably one of the most illuminating and enjoyable things to me.

So, if they’re up for it I’d like to call them out: -R- (you know who you are) and Krime/Bikertomj – Share your minds! Of course, only if you feel like it… (more…)