Life is crazy, as usual. Big things are going on at church and I’m likely to be much more busy with various tasks there. All my free time this week has been spent fizzling in anticipation of future busyness.

So I want to break my silence here with this announcement. Long time friends of the family are certainly doing a lot of interesting things! On my blogroll you’ll see “Philosophia“. That is a multifaceted professional and academic outreach developing in Berlin. The people driving it are Dr. Clark and Ann Peddicord. It’s a fascinating endeavor, and such work runs in the family. Their daughter, Seanne, along with her husband Daniel, spent part of this past summer in Malawi (Look at the August 5 post).

She is a student of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Now she has an opportunity to work on a film that is trying to document the peaceful transition from dictatorship to democracy that occurred in Malawi in 1992. The goal is to record a legacy for the people of Malawi, and the world; a legacy that will preserve hope and bolster the national spirit in a country that has been struck with famine and death.  She has now posted a video about this project.  I encourage you to watch it.


Around the horn of Africa, there are signs of a potentially devastating famine approaching. This could affect millions. World Vision will be there, providing as much relief as they can. Through government grants, though, they are able to have a much greater impact than they could otherwise provide.

Every dollar donated to this fund at World Relief will result in them receiving eight dollars in government grants. I’d ask you all to at least consider a one time donation. (more…)