This is crazy… we just moved in and I was looking forward to blogging again. But now I learned we are committed to an open house on Sunday and that means the entire house must be unpacked, straightened up and cleaned.

So I have NO free time for the few days. I should be back up and rolling next Monday or Tuesday. I’ve got a lot of good stuff lined up and it’s frustrating that I can’t publish it. At least this way the house will get completely put together and I won’t have to worry about that. Then I can post pictures 🙂 Well, while you wait patiently here’s some stuff to waste time with.

You may have noticed I’m back with the connections theme, now with posting goodness on the essays and review pages!  Give me some feeback, if you like.  And how about some links since I can’t write…  First off, one of my favorite musicians is back with a vengeance… apparently related to the Nerd-off meme that’s going around. Yes, it’s Weird Al’s White and Nerdy! Lyrics here.

Next, got an hour and 20 minutes to kill and can’t find that hallmark of American cinema, Ed Wood’s “Plan 8 From Outer Space”, in your local video store? No problem! Google Video is nicely volunteering for litigation by having it here. That’s all, now go and catch up on that light reading while I’m away.  I’ll give you planetary astronomy fans something new to look at, too.  The Planetary Society’s blog has a couple of very interesting recent posts about Io, and Titan.

On a more serious note, science/culture writer Ed Brayton recently posted a wonderful essay here. He really knows what’s important as we reflect on how we affect our culture. In a lot of the critical thinking reading I do, many people incessantly rail against religious belief. But not Mr. Brayton; his writings are funny, challenging and a breath of fresh air. I’m sure we wouldn’t agree on everything, but our high-level goals are the same. So I’d like to leave you this quote from his post.

“The lines shouldn’t be drawn between Christians and atheists, Jews and Muslims, and so forth; they should be drawn between the decent and intelligent and life-embracing people in every group and the bigoted, ignorant and reactionary people in every group.

They should be drawn between those who treat others as equal human beings and those who treat others as pawns to be manipulated, commodities to be bought and sold, or objects upon which to inflict their need to make themselves feel stronger.”