It’s unlikely anyone will stumble upon the pages within this little blog after so many years of them collecting dust.  While I have long since traveled beyond the confines of the Christian tradition, it’s hard to actually pull down these old posts because I think they are more progressive than much of the conversation that occurs in North American Christian circles these days.

Additionally they were written in the context of a devout Christian walk at the time; even if my walk has since carried me many miles beyond the lands of institutionalized religion.  I think they have value, even if they are a snapshot of a personal faith that doesn’t exist in that form anymore.

I am an apostate of the Christian faith.  But I don’t believe there is anything wrong with being Christian.  If practicing and growing in Christianity is a blessing in your life, excellent.  I hope you are, in turn, a blessing to those around you. Perhaps some of this writing can still be of some use to someone seeking.