September 2007

So back here I expounded on the glories of home theater. Well nothing has changed. I’ve upgraded my system with a PS3, which means my then-antiquated, yet one-time-high-end TV just wouldn’t cut it. What is one to do? Well there’s only one thing you can do, thank you Microsoft for this cultural underpinning. Upgrade time! (more…)


Actually, don’t take that as egotism. I just miss doing the Fark thing. Anyway… It’s crazy.  I’ve been gone for so long, now I’ve got three updates in two days!  And one of them is the biggest chunk of writing I have ever put together on this site. Almost five years ago I went on a short term work assignment in York, England. The trip was, without a doubt, the most painful thing that ever happened to me. But misfortune, in hindsight, can be very funny. So no reason to let all that suffering go to waste!

So check it out here! Like I said it’s long. You may want to take a couple sittings to read the whole thing. Like the rest of the site, it’s not going anywhere. Even if I forget to check it very often.

So tonight I get to go to Capoeira class number two! This stuff is a lot of fun! It is hard work, but I have yet to find exercise that doesn’t just suck. I have always hated it. Until now. Capoeira is demanding but it’s a ton of fun. It’s serious, but not too serious. It has its roots in music, which I totally dig.

It’s kind of odd starting something so big as an old fart (I’m 31). I’m off to a late enough start that I doubt I’ll ever be able to do what these guys can do. But hopefully I’ll get to where I can at least do a backflip. Yeah… I can do that. Check this out, if you’re interested. (more…)

Sorry, guys, it’s been a looong time. A lot of life has happened lately so I have been neglecting the site. But things are possibly in a state of change. So maybe there will be new material surfacing more regularly. Something huge for the blog is coming soon, especially for Al, but everyone should get a kick out of it! It’ll take maybe another three or so day to polish before posting, but it’ll be worth the wait. (more…)