I experienced a very pleasant surprise today.  Like many who enjoy adventures and motorcycles, a few years back I watched Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s sequel to their ever-popular series “Long Way Round“: “Long Way Down“.  I’d highly recommend them if you haven’t seen them.  As amazing as their adventure was, I was far more taken aback by a cyclist they ran across one day.  As they rode their Beemers across the middle of the desert in Sudan – truly it looked to be in the middle of nowhere – they came across a cyclist peddling down the dusty road with gallons upon gallons of water in tow.  Obviously an unlikely traveler to bump in to, they stopped to talk with him for a while.   He revealed his name was Jason Lewis and he was spearheading an effort to circumnavigate the globe using nothing but human power!  He didn’t reveal too much in that quick spot on Long Way Down,  but obviously that herculean task must have resulted in an epic tale, I thought.  It took him 13 years to complete the journey;  that must have required a superhuman degree of commitment and determination.

About once a year I would comb the web trying to figure out why no one had made a movie, or written a book about Jason’s circumnavigation.  The search always ended up yielding no useful information.  Until today… (more…)