I know it’s been forever. I doubt anyone even visits this site anymore. That’s life. But, for posteriy’s sake I will offer the following.

I have had no free time for blogging. I don’t even get to read the 30 or so blogs I used to follow daily. Not only have I been working with the music ministry at my Church (which takes a fair amount of time) something HUGE happened. I thought I was busy enough assembling a sound system an leading worship occasionally. Nope, I couldn’t get of that easily.

Of all the wacky ideas our church has asked me and my wife to join the leadership team of the church! Up to this point there were only three others on the team and two of them are the pastors! Actually I’m honored, humbled, excited and rather intimidated at the request. I didn’t know if I was ready for this, but that’s a good position to be in to allow God’s work to be done.

So, needless to say this has kept me very busy. Any free time I have that is not spent reading is spent re-charging by playing a video game. That’s kind of a necessary bit of maintenance with me. I can get 5 hours of goofing-off relaxation done in 1 hour of video gaming. Blogging is actually a lot of work, though work I really like.

So I’m not gone forever. I’ll just be scarce until after the new year. You can always drop me a line via e-mail through the ‘about me’ page. Now back to reading to be followed by a little gaming.

Just so you know, I’m reading Kester Brewin‘s The Complex Christ. If you work in ministry and are interested the future development of the urban church, here is my synopsis for you: …best…book…ever…