Greetings to people who don’t read this 🙂 I don’t think my friends check here much and I can’t blame them in the least. Life is crazy. Today is my first day back at the blog in over two weeks and there’s only one reason for that: I’m home from work sick today.

So I’m working on the leadership team at my church, working regularly with World Relief, oh yeah – there’s that whole job thing – and we hosted both Christmas and New Years at my house. I’m kinda slammed. Now I’m looking at starting martial arts again. I really enjoyed blogging, but it takes an amazing amount of time to do it well (that’s why I’ve been so scarce). So what’s the point of this post?

Well I guess I’m calling the regular blogging thing quits. It’s quite sad that I didn’t last even half a year. I would do it more but I received little feedback (the kind that generates more conversations) that it seems like people just aren’t terribly curious about what I like to write on. That’s cool… almost expected, really. I started this page as something I wanted to read, not for an audience.  But now I don’t have the time to read or write much, so I think it’s time for me to move on.  The archives aren’t going anywhere and neither am I. My e-mail link is still on the ‘About Me’ page if someone in the future ever does find this interesting and wants to talk to me about it.

Basically I can start back up on martial arts or I can blog. Based on the interest this blog generates I think it’s going to get shelved. I see the future of this place as pretty much what the past of it was. A place for me to publish my essays online. Every now and then when I get something together I’ll drop a message here. If anyone ever had anything they wanted to talk about that they think I would be interested in, I’m happy to have that conversation and even do research about it so I can write more. But until that happens I think this is going to become more of an archive than anything else.

My friends, you have my e-mail address. Please stay in touch and I will do the same.
Peace to you all and, as Jack Horkheimer always says: “Keep looking up!”