September 2006

So I just moved into my new place. That meant I finally could set up the portion of my life that had been missing the last ten months of my life. During that time I felt like a man with no arms, one leg, 1/2 a nostril and no… uh… beer, yeah that’s it. That’s right I had done without home theater for far too long! Yeah, I’m a HT junkie.

So the new house allowed me to finally unpack my bestorageunited home theater system and get it set up… ready to rock! The only downside is my entirely too expensive Mitsubishi 65″ RSP Diamond Series HDTV was pretty retarded. It cost way too much to be plagued with the problems it has exhibited after being a scant four years old. Anyway… I had diagnosed the problem with the troublesome TV set before I put it in storage 11 months ago. (more…)


Hooray I have some free internet time! I think the last post was serious enough to warrant some frivolous posting. First off, a recent comment introduced me to the Ryan Rose blog. I liked his stuff so much he’s on Ye Olde Blogroll and gets first link; check out his take on wombats!

What’s next? What else, some clips. (more…)

On November 7, 2006, Idahoans will vote on HJR 2 and thereby decide whether to join the 18 other states that have banned gay marriage by amending their states’ constitutions. I will vote against such an amendment, because I am a Christian.

Does this make sense to you? If it does, we have something in common. If it doesn’t, doesn’t that make you marvel at just how different our perceptions of our own faith can differ? (more…)

This is crazy… we just moved in and I was looking forward to blogging again. But now I learned we are committed to an open house on Sunday and that means the entire house must be unpacked, straightened up and cleaned.

So I have NO free time for the few days. I should be back up and rolling next Monday or Tuesday. I’ve got a lot of good stuff lined up and it’s frustrating that I can’t publish it. At least this way the house will get completely put together and I won’t have to worry about that. Then I can post pictures 🙂 Well, while you wait patiently here’s some stuff to waste time with. (more…)

Well… here I am.

And none the worse for wear! I’m not going to pull any punches, though, by suggesting you watch this 60 meg movie about the Mars rover Spirit. It’s pretty much eye candy,and a heckuva download to boot, but it gives you a idea of what life as a rover is like. So you’re warned – it’s big and I think it takes the most recent version of Quicktime. What else do I have for you? Better click to find out! (more…)

Since I’m still in the process of moving I don’t have time for much commentary, but here is some interesting reading for some of you (I hope).

First, in response to comments about the dark matter observation I linked to here, I realize some people may not be that familiar with the implications of cosmology.  For the curious I offer this excellent synopsis of the Big Bang.  Once you read through that you’ll get an idea of what dark matter is and why it was first postulated.  I also recommend reading the Big Band synopsis because it will address a lot of common misconceptions (several of which I held). (more…)