A good question. For all 0.7 people that occasionally check this, I’ll let you know. In the leisure category I just got a PS3. Holy crap. Amazing! That’s the main reason. Next is work-wise.  Today I just commissioned and activated a new distribution voltage automation project (I work for the power company). This project first went in to conception almost two years ago and hardcore work started on it last November.  For a good 18 months I’ve actively worked on it and the past three months have been absolutely crazy.

But it’s done. As of today at about noon. It’s kind of weird being the main person behind a project that actually affects the voltage in peoples’ walls. It’s even stranger that the work I have done just may become a company-wide initiative (we have over 400,000 customers). Screwball me responsible for something like that… weird. I’m really excited to see all of my hard work actually manifesting in the real world!  But no one is THAT interested in it. I feel like celebrating, but there’s no one really interested to celebrate with.

If anyone is curious to hear more about either of these things, let me know. I just might make a real post again! Maybe with some cool pictures…