Since I learned that Al and Rick were yelling at me, I decided to show up, if just for a while. So the quick on my life: indeed I taught at my church last Sunday. Crazy! I’m no pastor 🙂 But it went pretty well, I’d say. I’ve added it to my essays section if you’d like to read it.

I’ve started martial arts again, which is pretty sweet, though my wrist is all jacked up from the past two weeks of variations on omote, ura and hon gyaku. Rick knows what I mean. Because of it, I’m not going to type much… I feel like it’ll give me carpal tunnel syndrome.

I’m really bummed that I was out of blogging when two great events just passed me by while I was totally oblivious. The first was a comet and the second was the great act of terrorism: putting up lighted images of Ignignokt flipping people off in Boston. Crap! How’d I miss that? As you can see here I’m a big fan of ATHF. My mug even has Ignignokt on it, but not making an offensive gesture. If you find the whole fiasco as hilarious as I do check out the videos on CNN’s page here.

Lastly – The other reason I’m not wanting to write much: home theater upgrades! I got a new rear center speaker, a new DVD player (Panasonic RP-82) and the holy grail of subwoofers (for me) a Velodyne HGSX-10. So if y’all will excuse me I’m going to go play with my new toys. Peace, all. Until next time!