October 2006

Sorry for not much of a post tonight. I blogging energies were expended on replying to my friend’s comments regarding my jingoism post. It was a lengthy undertaking, not surprisingly, and my creative juices have been used up. If we end up with anything worth posting, and that may be the case, I shall publish our private correspondence.

But for now you will have to be satisfied with lazy linking. Deal with it 🙂 (more…)


Maybe I’m back with a vengeance? My last two posts were uncharacteristically serious. Guess I’m just a dude with some deep thoughts. But, lest I make people think I don’t want them to have fun when they read my site, I’ve cracked a beer open and offer the following: (more…)

Around the horn of Africa, there are signs of a potentially devastating famine approaching. This could affect millions. World Vision will be there, providing as much relief as they can. Through government grants, though, they are able to have a much greater impact than they could otherwise provide.

Every dollar donated to this fund at World Relief will result in them receiving eight dollars in government grants. I’d ask you all to at least consider a one time donation. (more…)