Maybe I’m back with a vengeance? My last two posts were uncharacteristically serious. Guess I’m just a dude with some deep thoughts. But, lest I make people think I don’t want them to have fun when they read my site, I’ve cracked a beer open and offer the following:


There. I said it, and I meant it. … ahem… moving right along. This morning as I was walking by a window I glanced up at the stars and saw the ISS blazing through Orion! The past times I’ve viewed it have been carefully planned, but BAM! There it was just as I happened to look up. Sweet! Unfortunately I can’t see with my eyes what Thierry Legault can get with his camera. Scroll down, kids. That’s the ISS and Shuttle Atlanta in front of the sun!

Next for my geeky homies, I offer this. He, of course, says it’s in reference to “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. Well, of course that is where the phrase originated (and it’s an awesome movie, BTW), but it’s most super-rad form occurred after many decades of stewing in pop culture. And that groovy reference is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it. My friends, you know what I mean.

Next I have to (again) share the work of one totally funny guy, tecmorose. Transportation of the future? Speaking of funny, here’s a guy who knows how to tell a story. To be loved by all who’ve worked in the food service industry. And he’s got one of the most succinct stances on the illegal imagration issue I’ve ever seen. Wow!