Around the horn of Africa, there are signs of a potentially devastating famine approaching. This could affect millions. World Vision will be there, providing as much relief as they can. Through government grants, though, they are able to have a much greater impact than they could otherwise provide.

Every dollar donated to this fund at World Relief will result in them receiving eight dollars in government grants. I’d ask you all to at least consider a one time donation.

The US government has a horrible track record when it comes to humanitarian spending. They throw large amounts of money at a problem, then don’t pay attention to what happens to it.

NGOs like World Vision are much more effective and efficient. For every dollar we give our government to fight malaria, 5 cents goes to actually fighting malaria. If you give one dollar to World Vision to feed someone, 87 cents goes towards giving that person food. So any chance to put government money in the hands of responsible NGOs is something we can all be thankful for. And if you’re interested in what else World Vision does, there are many other projects here. Two projects that I think are very good are here and here.

The Darfur tragedy is something else I can’t ignore. I have been trying to raise awareness about for a couple of years now. C&L posted a clip of George Clooney addressing the UN Security Council last month about the situation. Things have just gone downhill since then. The UN has passed peacekeeping resolutions allotting forces. But the Sudanese government, always good at delay tactics, has barred this action. The fighting has just grown worse in the past couple of months and the government-armed militias are still raping and slaughtering civilians. Go to this page and click on the George Clooney footage link for a first hand look at what the people fleeing this madness are doing now.

What can we do about it? Save Darfur and Darfur Genocide are two organizations that are trying to network people and give them access to the political means to hopefully make a difference. Please check them out when you can.

We live very sheltered lives here in the US. For most of us we have no real idea what it means to be hungry or scared in the way much of the rest of the world does. Please take some time to consider giving something out of your abundance to those in need. If you don’t think you have abundance just ask yourself if you’re going to go to bed hungry tonight. You don’t have to consider my pet projects, everywhere we look there are needs. Meet one.