I’ve always known since last year’s election that at least one Idaho members of the US Congress would be an embarrassment to one degree or another. As if the past few months haven’t been bad enough, Bill Sali – apparently not one to be out done when it comes to looking like a colossal birk – decided to one-up Larry Craig. Now he wants Idahoans to document they are as intellectually challenged as he is. Anyone in is his district is probably aware of this already, but for those of you who aren’t allow me to show you this painfully hilarious example of democracy inaction.

My wife received the following letter from Sali in the mail today. It speaks for itself.


I was dumbfounded… Even for Sali this is obtuse. Of course! When it comes to illegal immigrants there are only two possible viewpoints; each with only one corresponding course of action! Sali didn’t bother to wait for political commentators to point out his shortcomings, he just jumped the gun, wrote it down for us preemptively and is inviting us to join him in Sali-land.

Well I’m going to save him the trouble of coming up with new questionnaires for future deliberations on complex political issues. Here they are, I hope you enjoy them! Bill, feel free to use them. You don’t even need to pay me.

sali5-abort.jpg sali6-hom.jpg