So back here I expounded on the glories of home theater. Well nothing has changed. I’ve upgraded my system with a PS3, which means my then-antiquated, yet one-time-high-end TV just wouldn’t cut it. What is one to do? Well there’s only one thing you can do, thank you Microsoft for this cultural underpinning. Upgrade time!

I went nuts. Against all good judgment (though I can pretend it’s not) we went out and bought a new TV! Am I a loony? Probably. But in the words of the immortal Graham Chapman I am a happy loony. Here it is:


At the low, low price of $2000 and no interest for a year it was hard not to. So, question of questions, how does this non-Diamond DLP compare with my six year old Diamond CRT (that, at the time cost nearly $6000)? Well they don’t compare – or compete. They aren’t in the same league – or as Jules from from Pulp Fiction would say – they’re not even the same ******* sport!

The new DLP picture quality blows my old 65″ out of the water! I actually was STUNNED – literally stunned! – at the picture when I first turned it on! Seriously – I couldn’t believe it looked that good (or, perhaps that my old, albeit expensive, TV looked that “bad”.)

One reason for getting it was I wanted a 1080p capable unit. In order to get 1080p I needed an HDMI hook up to my PS3. So I bought the cheapest cable I could find. Unfortunately it was $50 even when coming from the Wal-Mart of electronics: Radio Shack. What a rip off! Don’t get me wrong, 1080p is unquestionably phenomenal, but it’s a DIGITAL signal. There is no way a cable for that should cost more than $10. Remember that guy who build a digital audio coax cable out of 99 cent RCA connectors, solder, two coat hangers and some play-dough – and the cable performed just as well as a $150 75ohm cable? Thankfully some people are aware of this. I just ordered a new set of cables from these guys. If you ever get into the HDMI market LOOK THEM UP!! Cables For is awesome!

They say their standard quality cable may not work with 1080p because of the bandwidth requirements. I ordered a 2 meter cable AND IT WORKED PERFECTLY! Remember that cable that cost me $50 from Radio Shack? Screw them, the “Standard Quality” cable from Cables For Less cost me $8… yes EIGHT BUCKS!! What do you get for $42 savings? Quite a lot really. Not only do you get the same functionality for $42 less, you also get a cable that could take 15 Radio Shack cables on in a bar fight! Even if the Radio Shack cables were armed with broken bottles! Check out these pics. Which is an $8 cable and which is a $50 cable?


The “cheapy” cable has bigger conductor a heavier jacket and better strain relief than the “give-us-your-money-you-knobs” Radio Shack special. It has at least as good of performance (probably better) and definitely better durability than a cable that cost 625% more. What a bargain!

The conclusion of my review? The new Mitsubishi 734 series 1080p DLP: absolutely amazing! And get stuffed, Radio Shack.

P.S. If anyone wants a real cheap Mitsubishi Diamond 65″ RSP CRT HDTV monitor, let me know. I’ll make ’em a real good deal.