So tonight I get to go to Capoeira class number two! This stuff is a lot of fun! It is hard work, but I have yet to find exercise that doesn’t just suck. I have always hated it. Until now. Capoeira is demanding but it’s a ton of fun. It’s serious, but not too serious. It has its roots in music, which I totally dig.

It’s kind of odd starting something so big as an old fart (I’m 31). I’m off to a late enough start that I doubt I’ll ever be able to do what these guys can do. But hopefully I’ll get to where I can at least do a backflip. Yeah… I can do that. Check this out, if you’re interested.

This one takes about 30 seconds to get going, but it’s awesome.

This one give you a good view of a couple guys playing.

Here’s one that seems more exhibition that playing together, but there’s some great skill there!

Of course I wouldn’t have waited this long if there were Capoeira schools in Boise before now. It’s just taken this long. At least they’re here now! Al, I’ll let you know if they start a kids’ class. 🙂