Okay, so Tarah tagged me here. I’ll play nice… for now… just because she took the effort. But know: I like tag memes only slightly more than chain letters. And you don’t want to know what I did with them 🙂 I guess I’m supposed to list seven little known factoids about me. Okay, I think I can handle that.

1 – My real name is Hulabaloo McFarland. I legally changed my name when I turned 18 just so I could secretly look down on people who thought they knew what my real name was.

2 – I can hold my breath for 47 minutes. But I can only do that when no one else is around me.

3 – I eat cats. Just thought I’d get that out there.

4 – Once, when I was a sniper in Vietnam, I had to hang in a tree by my left foot for three hours. What can I say? I got strong toes.

5 – In Junior High I held the school distance record for drop-kicking teddy bear hamsters (15.27m)

6 – I’m actually Fidel Castro. I just asked the guy in Boise if I could pretend to be him online so I wouldn’t get trolls hanging around my blog. He said the five bucks a month I was giving him was totally worth it.

7 – In 1982 I won first place in a prevarication marathon at the Western Idaho Havana State Fair.

You know? I actually feel better having got that off my chest. Until next time!