We’re getting the pictures from our Japan trip on Flickr. In the mean time I have a few short crappy cell phone movies I took. For some reason they all have something to do with drinking… odd.

First is a video of me playing acoustic guitar with Jackie Chan at the Southern Comfort in Tokyo. We were playing Sweet Home Alabama. Jackie had one of those electric guitars with a built in amp. Yeah it sucks – in more ways than one. But it was fun!

Next we have the craziest glass of Shochu I saw while there. Lame, but fun!

Lastly, the one with some semblance of a story. Krime got some ‘cobra liquor’ from a friend who visited Thailand. Apparently it’s tradition that anyone visiting his house must drink some. It’s basically 100 proof moonshine with ground up cobra in it. Yeah, the snake. I think it’s a lot of skin because it has the texture of sand. You have to shake it up to mix the cobra in the liquor, quickly pour it, quickly slam it and try not to toss your cookies. To get the most out of the picture I had to hold my phone on it’s side. So the easiest way to fix that is for you to set your monitor on its left side now.

I was tasting cobra for about half an hour. But he gave me lots of actually great stuff later, so he’s still a great host 🙂

I’ll let you all know when we get the real pictures posted on Flickr. Peace!