What a week… Wow! This has been one amazing trip! Sorry I was having too much fun to write more. I have tons of pictures so I will post this weekend once I sort through them.

In short Krime and his wife are two of the most interesting people we know. It was the coolest thing just to be able to hang out with them, let alone touring bits of Japan the whole time! I’m sad to be leaving them… but at least I’ll get back to my own bed and comfy American food.

In about 30 minutes we’ll head to the train station to being our trip home. The real weird thing about that is we will be travelling for 16 hours, give or take, and we will land in Boise three hours before we left Tokyo. This is going to be a long, long day. Ah well, life is good – very good!

Until next time, peace y’all!