So Last night Krime had to take me to a bar – I mean what else is Tokyo for? 🙂

So we went to the Southern Comfort Bar. Apparently this bar is the largest distributor of Southern Comfort in Japan. You wouldn’t know it by looking at the place. The bar proper sits about seven people. After scaling the most treacherous set of stairs I’ve ever seen (on the third floor) that were about a foot tall and two inches deep. It was the opposite of Cheers. Instead of moseying down into a place, you scale a mountain that you must somehow get down from after you’ve been drinking. Preferably without falling and cracking your head open.

After scrambling up to the bar like a couple of mountain goats, we enter the place to be greeted by Jackie Chan. Not the one you’re thinking of. Another guy that’s called that because he looks like him.

soco2.jpgThe man himself, Jackie.

Who would have guessed that he is the biggest fan of good ol’ rock and roll. The music of The Who, The Alman Brothers Band and even Shooter Jennings permeated the place. His bar TV was playing the filmed concerts we were listening to. Jackie, of course, plays guitar in his band. So we talked guitars for about 10 seconds then he disappears into the other room, comes back with two guitars and hands me one.

Cool! So we proceed to bust out a very bad version of Sweet Home Alabama… but what fun! I’m not much of a musician or singer but it was a blast!

Me Me Jackie And Jackie playing a little Skynyrd.

That was so much fun! There was another guy, whose name I forgot, that liked rock&roll, guitars and sake 🙂 He tried playing Black Dog, but didn’t pull it off. So he just twanged out some other Zeppelin tunes while we enjoyed a few choice beverages.


So, yes, this was not what I expected! When I thought about going out to sample the Tokyo nightlife I never would have guessed I’d wind up in a tiny room sharing a beer and a Skynyrd jam session with a Japanese guy called Jackie Chan. I never expected people from Tokyo to, not only be friendly with a non-Japanese-speaking gaijin, but to be genuinely interested in me (he ended up digging out a US atlas when I said I was from Idaho so he could find Boise). But that’s why my friend Krime is so cool. He knows where people can actually connect in a place as freakin’ nuts as Tokyo.