So here we are: land of the rising sun! Direct from Krime’s Japanese keyboard. What a pain in the butt. I keep turning on the predictive Hiragana/Kanji function and it’s very hard to work around! I think I’m getting the hang of it. Though shift-7 for an apostrophe is really hard to remember.

But enough of my woes! How is the Boise crowd? All well, I hope. Things are rather surreal here, now I know why Krime called his blog that. What keeps striking me is a friend of mine described the Sega Dreamcast game “Shenmue” as a ‘Japan Simulator’. He could say that having been here before playing the game. But I played the game long before I came here. I was shopping in the convenience store this morning for a Japanese version of a 7-11 breakfast, and I just kept waiting for a Quick Time Event to occur. Who knows how long it’ll take to shake that feeling…

So out first activity in Japan was to take the train from back to the house last night. There we some great sites, but taking pictures in the train was pretty difficult what with the high speed, other passengers and talking with our hosts, which is more fun and more polite than taking snapshots. So here was one of my first glimpses of Japan:


We are going to start our Japan trek by heading to Hiroshima on Saturday. I should start getting some good pictures then. We’ll then work our way back to Tokyo over the next few days passing through Kyoto. In the mean time have fun and see ya when we get back!