Two posts in one night! Say it ain’t so! My friend The Suburban Nomad tagged me, so I’m supposed to write five facts about myself. If it was anyone else, I’d say no – but because it’s him, oh I guess I can oblige. 🙂 Read on:

Well first off, I like music a lot (not a surprise to anyone – but it’s one thing I’ve never written much about). I’ve played guitar and bass for almost 12 years (though you wouldn’t know it by hearing me). I hate pinning these things down, but if I had to single a band out as “favorite” it would have to be Social Distorton. I’m a rock and roll kinda guy. Mike Ness’s music has not only been what I indentify with as far as playing goes, but he is one of the most honest, open and passionate singers I’ve come across. I’m sure there are other musicians out there that are as honest, open and passionate, but I haven’t come across one that’s matched perfectly by guitar music that can tear your face off.

Next, I practice martial arts. Bujinkan Budo Taijustu is what I study. If you want to know more all I can say is ask me about it in person or read various essays by Jack Hoban (my teacher’s teacher) here.

Third, and much less seriously, I like Rubik’s Cubes. I’ve been practicing hard for a couple months now (though I’ve played with them on and off since Jr. high). My average solve time is just under two minutes and my best time is 1:28. My goal is to be able to consistently solve it in under one minute. We’ll see how much it takes to get there! The experts say anyone can learn to do it in 40 seconds, but it takes real talent to get under 20. I’m pretty sure I’m not talented by those standards.

I’m on the leadership board at my church. The main reason I mention this is when I reflect on the past, as my friends might, it still seems mighty bizarre for me to be helping lead a church! I think we’re doing a good job so far!

Lastly, I have an incredeble capacity to memorize worthless things. I have the lyrics to hundreds of songs memorized, I can recite a few choice movies in their entirety, and I can recall minor details from things I see or read just once long after I saw or read it. The downside? It seems the requisite for me to remember anything is: it must be pointless, utterly pointless. If the thing I want to remember has any significance whatsoever I can’t remember it without an ungodly amount of effort. So I tent to irritate my wife by forgetting a significant conversation we had earlier the same day, while at the same time I can recall the color of a car someone was driving in a movie I watched one year ago. What can I say my brain is just plain weird.

Is that good enough? Well I suppose it doesn’t matter because that’s all you’re getting 🙂 Later!