Hooray I have some free internet time! I think the last post was serious enough to warrant some frivolous posting. First off, a recent comment introduced me to the Ryan Rose blog. I liked his stuff so much he’s on Ye Olde Blogroll and gets first link; check out his take on wombats!

What’s next? What else, some clips.

We get a twofer here because I get to try to embed video and you get to watch a clip of the adjective-defying “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart! Since I recently posted about gay marriage, this seemed apropos, from a cheap laughs standpoint. Standard disclaimer… Some of this may be slightly objectionable. It that bothers you, don’t click on anything. But if it does, I wonder why you’re here…

Another gem from the comedy shows that seem to be more informative than C-Span and CNN combined – We go to the Colbert Report for this enlightening look into how Republicans can ultimately triumph in their political machinations [via Crooks and Liars].

As long as we’re talking about various “Steve’s” from The Daily Show, here’s a montage of the “Even Stephvens” segment on TDS. As much as I like the Colbert Report I really, REALLY, miss Steve Carell. I wish Carell would have remained more in the spotlight of the political-satirical end of entertainment. So I hope you enjoy this:

And, without further ado, the newest Weird Al video (for real this time)

Lastly, a bowler-tip to mah man Rick for pointing out something amazing: Spaceballs the Cartoon! While I’m thrilled about this I must also side with the plethora of forum denizens in saying “What?! I’m still waiting for Spaceballs II: The Search For More Money!”