Oh where to begin? People ask me why I don’t want to have kids. That would make there be more people like me, and I would think that was reason enough. But here’s the real reason. If I had one, it’d look like this.

I just started reading a blog that has some very good stuff, Dispaches From the Culture Wars. Ed Brayton came across some just plain bizarre news about cultural tension and gave it a very good write-up here.

Well. We’ve got dark matter. How ’bout that? Actually this is really cool because this is the first time direct observation has been accomplished!

And something I have not done in ages, here is a sweet Fark Photoshop contest. Standard Fark disclaimer: if you would complain if you stumbled onto something slightly offensive, please don’t go to Fark.

Lastly, if you’re wondering how many times the f-bomb can be dropped in five minutes, there’s only one man to ask. And Jon Stewart does ask him – Mr. Samuel L. Jackson! What’s this I’m hearing about snakes? And they’re on a plane?! Fark. 🙂

And some late editions… some amusing news items.  Did you know that you can (or at least could)  watch Star Trek for your Ph.D thesis?  How about that a burrito could be considered a weapon?  Or that the US does advocate torture… of Saddam Hussein… by forcing him to watch Southpark?

Ya learn something new every day…