My wife and I just had our ninth anniversary. And, true to form, she comes through. She really is great!

For Valentine’s day, when some wives get their husbands some combination of flowers, balloons and/or chocolates, she gets me a crazy stuffed frog, a six-pack of beer, and roses (so there’s some tradition there). And she sets it all up at work! Boy, were all the other guys jealous. And note that wasn’t just any beer, but North Coast Brewing‘s Old Stock Ale, 2005. What a treat that stuff is!

So what does she get me for our anniversary? A picture’s worth 1000 words:

Ohhhh yeah…. now I have an official stein to enjoy beverages out of while I watch Adult Swim! Now where’d I put that Mingus Dew?

P.S. (For when she reads this) I love you!