So I’m back from another big weekend. It was a three day jaunt that took us to Joseph, OR for the Blues and Brews festival, then back to Boise. There were 28 people on 18 motorcycles and one driving the chase truck. So I thought I’d share some pictures of the trip.

I’ve never ridden with more than five people. Here was the first shots I took trying to capture the size of the group.  But it’s still missing about five bikes and a third of the people.

After 350 miles and 13 hours (they took the very scenic route and made lots of stops) we got to Joseph. Here is a shot of Wallowa Lake outside town:

And here’s a shot of the very tall trees in the park behind the lake.

Here is a shot of only 10 of the bikes off the lake highway (mine, of course, second from the right).

On the way back, much shorter at 210 miles and 9 hours, we went through Hells Canyon. Here’s a shot of one small part of the canyon.

And here’s one of a sweet old tree growing at the top. It was growing crooked so, like a genius, I framed the shot wrong and ended up looking like I needed a V8.

And last, here is the entire group. What a weekend! Can you imagine running in to this group of biker trash on the highway? 🙂