I’ve made it back, safe and sound, from Goat Lake (in the Pioneer Mountains). Highest mountain lake in Idaho at about 10,500 ft. What a trip! A huge thanks goes out to my bud Trevor who dragged this city slicker in the great outdoors!

As soon as we started there was a storm on the way…

Then it hit! Loudest thunder ever, since it was right over our heads…

This picture sucks because the camera was tethered to my hip and I couldn’t see what I was doing. The white spots are marble-sized hail.

Here is a shot of the unnamed peak on the way in.

Here is the approach to Standhope peak (11,800 ft). Goat Lake is to the left of it.

Here is the lake we wanted to camp in, Baptie Lake. We ended up staying in the valley instead because of bad weather

Relaxing at camp, here’s me enjoying two of my favorite things. Meat and beer!

The we finally made it to Goat Lake!! Way up there at about 10,500 ft.a

The back side of the lake offers a very interesting view!

T-rev was the man. He hiked almost to the top of Standhope and captured this killer shot! There’s a tiny splotch in the blue box.

Here’s a blow-up. That’s me below and to the right of the rock. This give you an idea of how far away he got!

And for the grand finale, T-rev’s Panorama from near the top of Standhope. Enjoy!