This blog constantly deals with challenges to what may be described as “Modern Western Institutionalized Protestant Evangelical Christianity”.  I listed some helpful books on this subject here.

So what’s the point of all this?  Why am I doing this?  Motivations are critical so I’d like to be plain about mine.  For a long time I did not fit in with the ‘church’ I described above, though I attended one all my life.  I never understood the point to going to church.  All I could see was the hypocrisy most ‘Christians’ lived in.  All I could see was church seemed a live version of watching TV;  I went, I sat down, I listened, I thought “That was nice” and I left.

There was no motivation, no depth, no substance, no life.  The nicest and most generous people I knew generally were not Christians.  What was going on?  As I pursued answers I was led somewhere I never expected.  I started finding this thing I call “progressive Christianity”.  What is it?  Well, you’ll have to do some reading.  But I can say this:

I write not to create division.

I write not to belittle.

I write because the ‘Christendom’ I saw seemed to grow trite, stagnant and pointless.

I write because others are where I once was.

I write because I am not alone.

These posts are not for attacking mainstream evangelicalism.  These posts are not for those who are happy with where they find themselves.  These posts are for those who find themselves tired of the faith, or lack of faith, they grew up with.  These posts are for those who are looking for faith that ignites passion and acts for the greater good of all humans, not just the privaledged few.  These posts are for those who want to know God, but cannot find God meaningfully where they are at.

These posts are my story.  Perhaps your story is like mine.