My third science post must deal with something that drives me nuts. The unnecessary conflict between science and Christianity. So, one of the first things I will do on this blog is show people a link to one organization that is doing their part to resolve this.

I’m weary of materialists (or, perhaps, naturalist) stating that no intelligent person should believe in God. But I’m much more tired of fundamentalist Christians taking up a crusade against science. I think more people from the non-denominational evangelical Christian community need to join with the Roman Catholic church and the Anglican/Episcopal church and show support for all fields of science. We need to join them in acknowledging there is no real conflict between studying and teaching science (biological evolution, abiogenesis, the “Big Bang Theory” and cosmology) and being a Christian. A conflict only exists is if one holds to certain doctrinal views on the Bible.

The doctrine of Biblical Inerrancy and the idea commonly referred to as “taking the Bible literally” are topics not at all related to science. So I will not discuss them here (those can be topics for later). I realize other Christians will disagree with my take on the Bible. That’s fine.

But science is science. When the world of science weighs in on a science issue, and the only counter-response is from Christians who don’t understand scientific methods, that speaks volumes. I’ve had Christians (not sciency-types) ask me “Why do you believe in evolution”. My answer is simply this: the only Christians who speak out against mainstream science in the public eye are consistently incredibly intellectually dishonest. Often they are self-deluded and their intellectual dishonesty demonstrates that. But many others are knowingly deceiving people in order to maintain their positions of authority.

This is a science related post, so I will not level any “charges” here (more future posts?). Suffice to say if you are interested in true science from Christian perspective, spend some time at the ASA site. Also this Evolution and God FAQ at is very consise and helpful.