So here’s a new subject for my blog: Progressive Christianity.

What’s in a name? As we march into the new millennium, the face of our culture (specifically North American) is changing rapidly. In many circles there is a fundamental shift in philosophy and worldview. Some call it “Postmodernity”. Since that term has a lot of baggage associated with it, some dubbed the movement in Christianity, that is in step with postmodernity, “Emergent Christianity”. Well it looks that that name, capital-E Emergent, now has it’s own baggage.

So I’m just going to use another term that probably has a lot of baggage that I’m not yet aware of. “Progressive” Christianity. It’s is the idea that Christianity cannot be expressed and promulgated in a cultural vacuum. So as North American culture, philosophies and worldviews shift, the cultural underpinnings of our Modern Western Institutionalized Protestant Evangelical Christianity (MWIPEC?) must shift as well. This is a process that looks forward to the future and seeks to see how Christian truth is experienced and propagated through that future.

The real trick is looking at our MWIPEC and discerning what is the truth and what is the modern western culture. This is something everyone can, and should do. But thankfully there are many doing this very well and writing down what they find.

So for this post I’d simply like to list some books that I’ve found to be a great help. In the future I may write reviews of them. Here they are in no particular order:

A New Kind of Christian (Brian McLaren – Trilogy)

Finding Faith (Brian McLaren)

Velvet Elvis (Rob Bell)

The Divine Conspiracy (Dallas Willard)

Our Endangered Values (Jimmy Carter) <- Something every American Christian must read.

God Has a Dream (Desmond Tutu)

Anything by N.T. Wright (Especially The Challenge of Jesus)