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Since I’m going to throw a lot of terms around on this site I think it might be helpful to define what I’m talking about. ya think? I will talk a lot about creationists, so I need to be sure everyone understands what I’m talking about. When I say ‘creationist’ that means someone who believes the Judeo-Christian God had a hand in the creation of the universe. As you can imagine this group of people is very large and has a wide variety of beliefs (from some Deists to Theistic Evolutionists to Yong-Earth Scientific Creationists). This group is so big the term is effectively meaningless for what I want to discuss, which is differences between those creationists.

So most of the time I will be referring to Young-Earth Scientific Creationists (YEC), Old-Earth Scientific Creationists (OEC) and Intelligent Design (ID) proponents. Since I strongly object to YEC folks using the word “Scientific” to describe themselves (for reasons that will become clear later), I will not use “YESC” just YEC. OEC people are a little more scientific (accepting an old age of the Earth is a prudent idea), but they still exhibit the same behavior, so it’s OEC not “OESC”.

And what is ID doing in there? Good question. ID proponents state they do not venture to guess at who or what the master designer of the universe is. But most of the big ID promoters are Christians and “Creationist” is a very ugly label in academic circles. So they simply say the don’t wish to have a religious agenda, but merely want to acknowledge (and prove?) that some great designer exists. This is fine as a personal belief, but it has nothing to do with science proper. As such, the ID movement is much like the “Scientific” Creationist movement started by Henry Morris in the 1960’s.

So the YECs, OECs and ID Proponents will be referenced frequently here. In Christian terms, though, a theistic evolutionist is as much a little-c creationist as a YEC.